Collection FAQ

   Q: How many ponies do you have?
   A: I'm really not sure, but perhaps somewhere near 3,000.

   Q: How long have you been collecting?
   A: I've had my first pony (Cotton Candy) since as early as I can remember. I've collected off and on since then.

   Q: Where did you find all these ponies?
   A: Very few of the vintage ones were actually purchased in stores. As well as it being a side hobby, I scour yard sales, flea markets, and online auctions,
   where I sometimes find opportunities to add to my collection.

   Q: Why do you collect?
   A: Ponies were an integral part of my childhood, and they have always brought me a feeling of nostalgia and joy. My collecting hit full speed when I was
   diagnosed with a serious lifelong health condition in my teens, and the hobby provided me with an activity and
   a passion that I could participate in without risking my physical health in the process. It all sort of just came together that way, and
   since meeting some wonderful fellow collectors over the years who are also now my long-time friends spanning decades, there
   simply wasn't any reason to stop!

   Q: What is your collection worth?
   A: I'm not sure, but fellow collectors have estimated at least enough to buy a new car.

   Q: Where did you get that giant "life size" pony?
   A: Scroll down for more info on the giant pony.

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Collection Galleries

The Pony Room galleries are divided up into sections for your convenience. 
Please note that 1/4 of the collection is currently in storage.

G1 My Little Ponies

US-released ponies from 1982-1991, including Mail Order and Petite Ponies.

G2 My Little Ponies

US and Internationally-released ponies and merchandise from 1997-2002.

My Little Pony Merchandise

US and Internationally-released My Little Pony merchandise

My Little Pony Production Prototypes

These pieces were used as mock-ups and molds for the eventual production of My Little Pony figures.
The sole exception is the talking G2 pony, which was never produced.

My Little Pony G1 International Release Ponies

My Little Pony figures from all over the globe.

My Little Pony G3 Event and Exclusive Ponies

My Little Pony Dream Beauties & My Little Pony Plush

My Little Pony "Give Kids the World" Charity Auction Pony

This hand-painted original design pony stands 20" tall, and was purchased from a charity auction.

G4 My Little Ponies

Figures and merchandise from the "Friendship is Magic" generation of My Little Pony, 2010-2019.


Artwork, Voice Actor and Artist Autographs

From Bonnie Zacherle to Andrea Libman!


1986 Lifesize My Little Pony Commercial Prop

This "life-size" My Little Pony stands at 49", or just over 4 feet tall. It is made from a strange plastic compound that weighs close to 250lbs including its base. It depicts a Sweetheart Sister Pony which looks very similar to Spring Song, with added embellishments to her mane and tail, and a headdress of flowers. Through the body of the pony is a spiraling wooden post, used in its original purpose as a carousel post.

This pony, as well as its two fellow handmade one-of-a-kind yellow and pink counterparts, was used in a 1986 commercial for My Little Pony. In this commercial, three girls sit upon these giant ponies on a spinning carousel in the commercial's opening. After production, the ponies were stored in a warehouse and untouched for about 20 years. In 2007, during a cleaning out of that warehouse in Orlando, FL, these ponies were discovered and put up for sale. Each had to be shipped through freight. I purchased the purple one because it happens to be my favorite color.

This pony is NOT for sale.
I will not acknowledge, entertain, or accept any offers.

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